Current Year Events & Activities

April 2020 to March 2021:-

ll activities conducted during the year were subjected to adhering of
SOP (like wearing mask, maintaining social distancing, using sanitiser
etc.,) announced by the TN Government from time to time.

1. Pongal Celebrations with Limited number of Special Children
Families 13th Jan 2021
In order to give some respite to our Special Children and their parents
confined to their homes on account of the Lockdown imposed due to
Pandemic, Sai Samarpan organized a celebration for a limitedgathering of 25 persons including nearly 10 special children and their
family members.

2. Republic Day Flag Hoisting 26th Jan 2021
Republic Day Flag Hoisting was done by our Special Child of CLAPS.
Nearly 15 special children and their family participated in the Flag
Hoisting, sang Patriotic songs, had High tea and fun.
At the request of CLAPS an Association of Parents of Special Children
coming up with an exclusive facility for Special children and their
parents especially autistic adult children near Tiruvallur we had
conducted at Sai Samarpan a Transition cum familiarization programme
with vocational training from 15th February to April 2021. The
programme had to be stalled due to covid pandemic. We had employed
a temporary Special Educator and some assistants for the programme
and facilitated the same.
The programme was inaugurated by a celebrity Smt.Malini Kalyanam a
Gandhian and Director of Artistic Pottery Training Academay,
involved in several activities with special children. She being daughter
of Mr.Kalyanam who was personal secretary to Mahatma Gandhi and
also closely guided by our former President Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam

Independence Day Flag Hoisting was done on a small scale again
participated by 6 or 7 Special Children and their parents. The flag
hoisting was done by Shri Jayant Govind, a Special Child, who had
come on vocation from UK to India with his parents, a member of
CLAPS Association.

We are continuing our Support to Special children though not at the Sai
Samarpan premises but at the Registered Office where two special
children are undergoing the Art and craft therapy daily engaging a
Special Educator from 10.00 am to 1.00 p.m.

6. Other Activites
 SGF also supported a poor parent whose income got affected with
Corona restrictions by providing school fees of Rs.11000/- for his
daughter directly paying the fees to the school.
 SGF also supported some of the assistants who could not be
continuously employed due to the Covid lock down with nominal

payments for a few months.
 At present SGF has engaged the services of a Special Educator
for the sessions at the Registered Office. Full-fledged functioning
will start at Sai Samarpan once normalcy is restored.

7. Facelift to Premises
The building which is more than 5 years old has to be given a facelift
and has been decided to do some minor repairs and painting which will
be taken up during the next accounting year
8. Placement of our Trainee
The office bearers from the organization , “we are your voice” visited
our centre and purchased many of our products to encourage our
children. It is pertinent to mention here that one of our students Shri.
Abraham was employed as an attender / office boy in their organization
duly upholding our motto of providing future care / making special
children to stand on their legs.

7. Education Tours

a. Vandalur Zoo Visit (27th Feb, 2021): A Group of 22 visited
Vandalur zoo which included parents, caregivers and children.
The zoo authorities welcomed our children and offered 2 electric
vehicles to tour the entire zoo. Our children enjoyed watching the
lion, white tiger and other animals. The children had lunch at the
zoo and the guest of honour was a deer who had lunch with the
b. Farm Visit (6th March, 2021): A Group of 30 members visited a
farm in Kanchipuram which included parents, caregivers and
children. The children enjoyed tender coconut along with a
beautiful walk in the coconut farm. Later all were served a
sumptuous meal by the farm caretakers.


Mr. Kasim Basik Founder of the NGO ‘We are your voice”,
visited our centre on the 12th of March. “We Are Your Voice” is
an initiative which aims at Connecting Socially Responsible HR
Professionals and Employers with Differently-Abled Budding proffessionals.